Who are we 


We are a team of highly dedicated Recruitment specialists with a real passion for finding the best talent across South Africa. Our insight to recruitment spans over 10 years and we have successfully recruited hundreds of positions over our careers. Daily we face both challenges and triumphs within the recruitment sector and we want to share our insights and knowledge with Job seekers and Employers. We understand that finding a job is filled with challenges and we also understand that employing a resource in your business is equally as worrying and scary for employers, whether you are a small business owner or a large organisation. 


Why we do this


Knowledge is power and for the team of HR Company Solutions and their guest bloggers, our goal is simple - to give you the insights of our industry so that you can be successful in your journey of finding great talent or being greatly talented. 


Meet our team 


Our sourcing techniques locate the person best fitted for the job, which means understanding the client culture as well as the role that is being filled. We have a diverse assortment of recruiters so you will always find someone who understands your needs and can explore the best options for you.

We get to know our job seekers by discovering their core competencies and career objectives. This enables us to precisely match them with the opportunities that best reflect their requirements for career growth, location, the right corporate culture and quality of life.

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