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I write this blog in my gown with my hair in a bun and my child gallivanting in his walker around the house. Lol – the joys of a mom who is used to multitasking!

As a woman we are often expected to handle pregnancy, having babies, maintaining relationships and working. Some women have children and get back to work almost immediately whilst others decide to stay at home and raise their children for 4 to 5 years and then try the arduous task of getting back into the working industry.

Today I want to bring your attention to the value of the woman that stays at home and raises her children and is trying to get back into the working industry.

Firstly, when trying to look for work and a recruiter, like myself, is sifting through CVs and notices that there are a few years of gaps on your CV – I immediately I think, “What happened? Did you disappear off the face of the working industry?”

I appreciate and encourage the brave woman that can put on her CV that she was raising her children, as it is a job on its own and should be celebrated and acknowledged.

However, Moms need to understand that if you have been away from the working industry and haven’t had a career at all over the past few years, unfortunately you won’t be able to pick up where you left off in terms of career and salary expectations.

Times change and things progress so quickly, if you don’t keep yourself updated through doing courses of any kind or upskilling yourself, you might be losing out on some superb opportunities for when you do re-enter the job market.

Unfortunately, as a Mom you will have to make a sacrifice and possibly in this case you may have to make sacrifices in your career growth.

Working Moms that return after raising children need to understand that you will be required to start from the bottom again and possibly grow your career year by year again, unless you have a really specialized skill that is needed in the industry or sector.

My advice for the Moms that are in a position to stay at home - keep yourself informed; do courses online that will upskill you and possibly get involved in a hobby or volunteer to be the Estates Manager while you have the time. Anything!

Add these things to your CV – you never know how this will impact on your future career and maybe be a career changer or even create the opportunity for a new business.

A friend of mine loves photography, when she went on maternity leave she started doing photography as a hobby, an expensive hobby but she made a plan any way. Today, after two children, she is running her own photography business and has made a great success of her “hobby”.

There is so much more to life then changing nappies and feeding babies, you should consider keeping your brain stimulated, yourself updated and educated - not just for yourself but also to be a great example to the little people that you are raising and investing your time and expertise in. Good luck Mommies – we are proud of you!

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