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LinkedIn is the way to go!

LinkedIn is a platform to be used by professionals to maximise their exposure. It can be used to boost your professional profile, assist in job hunting, promoting your business, and finding top talent.

Who can benefit from a LinkedIn account? EVERYONE!!!


1. Networking: The Sky is the limit! Being visible to other professional who can use your services is the first step to many doors opening

2. Business promotion: Promote your business, services, post and share everything you can that will make your branding so powerful when people see it, they will know it’s you!

3. Finding candidates: When it comes to recruiting, oh boy – can this be a super tool in the trade. You will unlock potential you have only dreamed of.


1. Networking: Again, the sky is the limit. Put yourself out there (NO, not like that! 😊) – Make yourself available in the job market (not the black market)

2. Jobhunting: There is so much you can do here. Search for jobs, apply for jobs, Research jobs, Hunt jobs, eat jobs, sleep jobs… the list is endless

3. Invest time in making your profile stand out and inviting

4. Profile setup: Always keep it professional. (this is not Facebook)

a. Keep your profile updated at all times

b. Add your Experience: Recent and past

c. Highlight your skillset - what makes you stand out?

d. Visual/ Images - People love seeing what they are looking at – Add a formal photo and Relevant background

e. Kudos/ References – get some loaded! They will promote you


1. CONNECT! Build your network and become seen

2. Discover: Get to know how it works, make use of all the functions – you will find tools you didn’t even know existed

3. Posts/ Shares: Be proud! Post your accomplishments, or achievements. Post updates and news, share other interesting posts on your network

4. Jobs: Search, apply and get shortlisted!

5. Statistics: Play around, look at different stats that are relevant to you and become knowledgeable

6. Proactive: “Don’t wait for your ship to come in. Swim out to it!” – Cathy Hopkins

7. Research: Research = knowledge = power = success !


1. Don’t post personal stuff on a professional network: Your potential future employer does not want to see you are the wild party animal you believe you are 😊

2. Don’t apply for jobs you do not match the minimum requirements

3. Don’t spam

4. Don’t make comments on group chats you will regret later

Join this worldwide platform and be part of the LinkedIn family! Success is coming your way 😊

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Powered by HR Company Solutions