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Searching for that needle in the haystack

What makes your CV stand out?

You are marketing yourself to prospective employers. Being a recruiter, we have to “sell” our candidates to our clients.

So what would help a recruiter to promote your profile. No not a pretty flower on the cover letter or a golden border around your name.

Your profile needs to “tell” us about you, your professional history and your skills, abilities and achievements. Please keep it professional! Employers do not want to see how many hotdog eating contests you have won and that you like watching TV as a hobby 😲

Ultimately, your CV should highlight why you are the best person for the job.

How do you do that?

1. Be confident in your skills and your experience – brag about it. Highlight results and key achievements (responsibilities and duties can be added in detail under the Work experience)

Always summarise and make it easy to read (Easy on the eye). For those handsome (and not so handsome) fellows – YES! Add your photo 😊 – we are not going to open a fake Facebook account and harass all the single ladies! And PLEASE do not use that photo of your wild night out, or your online dating photo, or your photo where you lie on the couch with your dog. It needs to be professional, formal and well-presented – like going for an interview. This will also indicate to a recruiter how you would present yourself to a client.

It is so nice when we can add a face to the name when we have MILLIONS of CV’s to screen. It just grants us the opportunity to “meet” with you where it is not always possible on the first round to meet with every single candidate that applies for a job. ( Also just to check if you have a third eye or a real horn coming out of your forehead for those “unicorns” we keep on finding )

What format to use for a CV?


Keep it neat. Make sure you check your alignment, your spelling and your grammar (We are in South Africa, in case you were wondering. So analyZe before you get penaliZed)

Do NOT use Capital Letters for your entire CV. It makes it very difficult to read and it just leaves room for spelling errors.The first part of your CV you can use to summarise (in SHORT, not summarise in 2 pages!) – Use power words, and use bullet points to make it easier to scan.

Each client has specific criteria we need to look for, so don’t make it difficult for us to find. Keep it simple, but SMART ( do not try and add words that you cannot even pronounce and when you are at the interview you have no idea what they even mean! )If you have a specific position you are applying for – customise your profile to highlight where you match the minimum requirements and criteria for the job. This will definitely make you move to the preferred profiles of a shortlist.

Take the time to proof read and check, double check and triple check your CV.

It’s not like you have to create a new CV every day.

You only have one chance.

Make it count! Get that Job!

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